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Ingenuity to Improve Life  

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ImmunoScience, Inc. is a biotechnology company with the specific mission of diagnosing and treating people with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. ImmunoScience's flagship product is Contre Vir™, a recombinant, live, attenuated therapeutic vaccine for the treatment and potential cure of AIDS and HIV infection. Contre Vir™ has shown a very high level of success in preclinical studies and pilot clinical trials. Further studies are in the final planning stages in several countries where interest is extremely high. ImmunoScience, Inc. has several patents for Contre Vir™ from around the globe and ImmunoScience, Inc. is expected to start Phase I clinical trials for Contre Vir™ in the very near future. The preliminary work for these trials is currently underway in the US, Belgium, Ghana and Uganda. ImmunoScience believes that this invention is history-making and hopes that its legacy shall be everlasting in the chronicles of humanity.

In addition, ImmunoScience currently markets Salivax™, a series of saliva-based rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of HIV 1/2 and syphilis. ImmunoScience, Inc. believes that saliva testing is more advantageous than the other more invasive and hazardous forms of HIV testing. This technology platform has attracted the interest of distributors and nonprofits worldwide and the company has currently distribution agreements for several jurisdictions globally. Salivax™ HIV has been approved in several countries and regulatory approval is pending in many others. ImmunoScience is also actively pursuing expansion of its worldwide distribution network. ImmunoScience, Inc. plans to release Salivax™ lines for the detection of tuberculosis, hepatitis B/C, H. pylori, drugs of abuse, and cancer screening.
ImmunoScience's headquarters are located in Pleasanton, California and ImmunoScience has recently commissioned a BSL-3 (Biosafety Level 3) manufacturing facility in Dublin, California where our research materials will be made. In addition, ImmunoScience has presence in Romania, Singapore and a 6 acre campus in India which shall soon boast a full vivarium and state-of-the-art manufacturing of diagnostic devices. ImmunoScience also has subsidiaries in British West Indies and in Singapore.
ImmunoScience was founded on the belief that ingenuity and innovation can bring the technology of tomorrow in the hands of people today with simplicity and affordability. ImmunoScience, Inc., Inc. believes that no corner of the world should be deprived of advances in healthcare due to a lack of personnel, facilities, infrastructure or local budgetary constraints.

The market for ImmunoScience, Inc.'s products is global. The potential is unlimited. The humanitarian implications boundless.