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ImmunoScience, Inc. is a biotechnology company that began with a focus on immunological applications in HIV research leading to a functional cure. It was founded in 1995 by Sateesh Apte, MD, a board qualified physician who completed residencies and fellowships at Harvard Medical School and Stanford University. The impetus for Dr. Apte’s formation of the Company was the opportunity to develop and market his innovative concepts — a therapeutic vaccine against cancer and one against HIV as well as a saliva-based rapid diagnostic test device for HIV 1 & 2. As further research and development work progressed, the Company’s primary strategic niche evolved to be defined as the development of therapeutic vaccines. The therapeutic vaccines are given to patients already suffering from cancer or HIV and will potentially lead to a functional cure of those diseases.

The near-term objectives of the Company vis à vis cancer are to complete development of the cancer vaccine and its proof-of-concept animal studies followed by GMP manufacturing and Phase I Clinical Trials. With regard to its HIV therapeutic vaccine, the near term objectives are to complete production of two batches of Contre Vir™ in its BSL-3 facility, complete a regulatory audit from a UK/European authority to gain final approval from the UK regulators and complete Phase I trials in the UK and South Africa soon thereafter.

The Company secured a lead investor in February, 2008, which enabled it to move forward with re-constructing the original modified virus, expanding its facilities to include two BSL-2 laboratories and a BSL-3 laboratory, additional manufacturing and administrative space, obtaining ISO 13485 and CE Mark certifications for Salivax™-HIV.

ImmunoScience is a private company, incorporated in Nevada, with primary business operations located in Dublin and Pleasanton, California, and with its finance and accounting office in Charleston, South Carolina. The Company has a foreign subsidiary holding certain intellectual property, a subsidiary in India engaged in related research and development as well as diagnostic test manufacturing, a Singapore subsidiary formed for sales and marketing activity in the Southeast Asian sphere, and a Dutch subsidiary for implementing foreign clinical trials.

ImmunoScience was founded on the belief that ingenuity and innovation can bring the technology of tomorrow in the hands of people today with simplicity and affordability. ImmunoScience, Inc., Inc. believes that no corner of the world should be deprived of advances in healthcare due to a lack of personnel, facilities, infrastructure or local budgetary constraints.

The market for ImmunoScience, Inc.'s products is global. The potential is unlimited. The humanitarian implications boundless.