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The Advantages of Salivax™ Saliva Tests 

  • Human saliva is readily available without using any special apparatus.
  • Blood specimens are far more expensive to obtain because of the need for trained personnel, syringes, needles, vacuum tubes etc. Blood specimens also need to be processed (centrifuged) and refrigerated or frozen, making them impractical for many public health settings and international markets.
  • It is far quicker to collect saliva than blood. One healthcare worker can collect 10 blood samples in one hour while the same person can easily collect 250 saliva samples per hour.
  • Saliva collection is non-invasive and thus doesn't cause pain or bruising like blood collection.
  • Because Salivax™ is not reusable, it requires no sterilization, unlike non-disposable blood collection devices used in many parts of the world.
  • Salivax™ collection does not require needles or stilettes which may accidentally injure or infect personnel handling the specimen. OSHA estimates that needle sticks impact 7 to 30 percent of susceptible healthcare workers. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control showed that 32 U.S. healthcare workers contracted HIV via accidental needle sticks.
  • Blood specimens and collection devices remain potentially infectious for HIV and hepatitis B after collection while Salivax™ is not infectious to people who handle it.
  • Custody issues of samples are not relevant since Salivax™ processes a patient's saliva instantly.