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Become a Distributor 

ImmunoScience appoints distributors for its products by geographical territories based on the distributor's governmental and other market contacts in the respective territory, financial strength and experience. Current contractual distribution arrangements cover Mexico, Russia, the former Soviet republics of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, Japan, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Sweden, Peoples' Republic of China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Additional distributors will be established to include direct representatives in Central America, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Egypt as well as regional distributors for smaller countries in Africa, South America, and Europe. Distributors are required to pay a fee to obtain geographical marketing rights and have executed exclusive distributor agreements. The agreements call for specific performance targets throughout the term of the agreement. If performance targets are not reached, the distributorship can be terminated by the Company.

Obtaining regulatory approvals, advertising/marketing, soliciting orders and fulfilment thereof, as well as end user support is the function of the distributor, performed at its expense. The Company supplies the product at agreed-upon wholesale prices commensurate with regional sales volumes, and the distributor sets its own price for sales in its markets. This allows the Company to maintain an arm's length distance away from local sales transactions between end users and the distributor. Currently, all orders are custom manufactured. No purchase order is entertained or order shipped unless advance payment is received or an irrevocable letter of credit is confirmed by a major U.S. bank.

The Company plans to further expand its distribution network through programs and resources provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce and to promote its products at trade shows and through advertising in trade publications. End user marketing and order fulfilment will be the responsibility of regional distributors.