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Our Research

Note: What follows is for a scientific discussion only and not intended as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy anything. The cancer vaccine is in a research and development stage and will not be commercially available until it obtains regulatory approvals such as the ones from US FDA.

Due to the confidential and proprietary nature of our inventions, the research narrative shall be brief and express generalities until we have achieved intellectual property protection.

ImmunoScience is working on a live-attenuated therapeutic vaccine and the vector of it shall be constructed from scratch with proprietary technology. The vector will deliver a payload of one or more cancer markers while, at the same time, inhibiting certain pathways that allow cancers to escape the immune system.

A prime-boost vaccine strategy is envisioned, however, this may be modified based upon experiments in murine models with human cancers.

We intend to use C57BL/6 mice for our proof-of-concept study of melanoma. Melanoma will be introduced using B16-F1 and B16-F10 in groups of mice to be used for vaccination and controls. Vaccine will be given intradermally with and without certain proprietary adjuvants.

For breast cancer study, we will use syngenetic immunocompetent mouse models implanted with mouse mammary tumors. Vaccine will be given to about half the affected mice whilst the remaining half shall serve as controls.

ImmunoScience expects to complete this phase in about 24 months.