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The Science behind Contre Vir™, A Therapeutic Vaccine for AIDS 

Note: What follows is for a scientific discussion only and not intended as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy anything. Contre Vir™ is in a research and development stage and will not be commercially available until it obtains regulatory approvals such as the ones from US FDA.

Contre Vir™ is unique.

Contre Vir™ is a therapeutic AIDS vaccine thus it is designed to be given to patients already infected with the HIV virus. Contre Vir™ utilizes a recombinant live HIV-1 virus weakened by a deletion of the nef gene of HIV. The nef gene has been shown to be primarily responsible for the ability of the HIV to successfully evade the body's immune response. The deletion of the nef gene enables infected cells to present vaccine HIV antigens in conjunction with surface proteins thus activating CD8 cytotoxic T lymphocytes to kill and clear the virus. Contre Vir™ allows the body to reestablish and reinvigorate the immune response system in order to stop the disease before it becomes fatal. The virus is rendered non-pathogenic by using genetic recombinant techniques, the basis of some of the Company's international patents and patent applications. Furthermore, the processing of conserved internal killer-cell recognition sites allows protection against virtually all the different strains of HIV resulting from mutations.
For more information on the basics of vaccines in general and Contre Vir™ in particular, please visit our FAQ page for Contre Vir™.