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Our Foresight 

Over the past few decades, health care technology in the world has been driven by pharmaceutical giants. They have primarily focused on first world chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, arthritis etc. Even the medical devices are big ticket items for major laboratories. Even diseases such as HIV and cancer are dealt with as chronic diseases with no significant efforts going towards finding permanent solutions.

While the big companies are focusing on 10% of the world's population by, ImmunoScience wants to be the leader in areas where research and innovation are out of focus or severely wanting.

In the diagnostics platform, we envision non-invasive, easy to use diagnostic devices that can be used almost anywhere and at a lower cost. These devices will empower health care professionals in areas where there are no alternatives. In addition to our existing products and products in the pipeline, We also want to expand the reach of our technology to real world diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, Chaga's disease and others. We are also pursuing other empowerment devices such as non-invasive and rapid screening for major cancers which will help everyone.

In the therapeutics arena, we want to utilize our expertise in immunology and virology to create products that use the body's own immune system to combat diseases such as HIV and cancer giving real hope of a potential cure instead of taking expensive pills for the rest of one's life.

Our technology is as sharp as the minds that envision and shape it. As our research advances and succeeds, we hope to make a change for the better. For everyone.