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Future Research 

While we were busy detecting antibodies to various diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis in saliva, some of our scientists had an idea to detect cancer markers and/or antibodies to them in saliva.

Embarking on this research is neither simple nor fast. However, our goal is to be able to come up with non-invasive, point of care tests to screen for many common cancers. We have the infrastructure and technological capability to achieve this in the future. We hope that one day, a health care professional or individual will be able to conduct a rapid test at defined intervals as screening for common types of cancer. The relief will be as priceless as advantages of early detection.

We are also investing in a vivarium and a BSL-3 (biosafety level 3) facility in India to develop a viral vector to deliver a specific payload that would awaken the immune system against many common types of cancer. We, at ImmunoScience, believe that most of the cancers albeit in different parts of the body, have a common theme: they all grow and spread due to a defective immune system response. By awakening the immune system with our technology, we believe that we can beat most common cancers, especially cancers that have a unique immunologic footprint. The treatment will consist of a live virus vaccine that encodes genes that would encode cancer proteins. These, in turn, will awaken the cell-mediated immune response to combat the cancer. We are making a beginning with melanoma and hope to add more common cancers to a single vaccine.

We, at ImmunoScience, never stand still and things are always progressing. Stay tuned for more progress!