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Salivax™ -HCV 

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Currently undergoing clinical trials.

The Disease

Long overshadowed by HIV, the hepatitis C virus is starting to take its toll. And the heat is on to find and treat those affected . Like HIV, this unknown infectious agent tends to strike intravenous drug users and blood transfusion recipients. The virus propagates in the liver and can cause cirrhosis, liver injury, and hepatocellular carcinoma. Some 130-200 million people are now estimated to be infected worldwide and 30% of HIV infected individuals are cross-infected with HCV. 1.6% of the US population carries HCV, more than half of that population don’t know they have it.


Salivax™ -HCV (under development) is an immunoassay intended for use in qualitative detection of antibodies to hepatits C in human saliva. It is designed to be used as a “point of care” test, by the medical professionals in the health care facilities. Salivax™- HCV makes full use of the strengths of the Salivax™ platform with its unique saliva filtration and purification system to provide a high yield of antibodies.A positive test will be indicated by two pink dots in the well of the test device. A negative test will have only one control dot visible. The test takes about fifteen minutes from the point of application of sample to the device.


Salivax™-HCV is intended for screening of subjects who may have been exposed to the hepatits C virus. All subjects testing positive on Salivax™ should be retested with a confirmatory standard.


Like all Salivax™ products, Salivax™-HCV is non-invasive, easy to use, rapid, reliable and accurate. It requires no specialized equipment or specially trained personnel. It doesn't expose health care workers to potentially infectious body fluids. The simplicity and lack of necessity for vacuum tubes, centrifuge and refrigeration makes Salivax™-HCV very inexpensive to use especially in public health, military and home applications. The Salivax™ tests have an added ease of storage being stable at virtually all ambient temperatures.


In our laboratory ImmunoScience has analyzed different antigens of the virus to detect antibodies in human body fluids using various immunoassay formats. With high sensitivity Salivax-HCV detects antibodies to hep C in human saliva. Studies show that the detection of hep C core antibodies is a clear indicator of infection. In a small clinical study, the Salivax-HCV test results demonstrate an accuracy comparable to high end instruments to analyze immunoassays and diagnose infection.