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Our Mission and Belief 

Ingenuity to Improve Life

While many others have been pursuing original and copycat drugs to treat common ailments in primarily affluent populations, ImmunoScience is not about innovating just another drug for diabetes, a "me too" cholesterol reducing drug or yet another drug that treats obesity.

Instead, ImmunoScience is about using knowledge and expertise to drill down into fundamental mechanisms involved in immunology to come up with products that have the potential to reach a vast segment of the world's population regardless of affluence. We, at ImmunoScience, proudly look for permanent solutions to disease states rather than a maintenance treatment that patients have to take for decades.

The Company also has in mind the fact that a vast majority of the population of the world doesn't have access to state-of-the-art facilities, highly trained personnel or expensive equipment. ImmunoScience believes that no corner of the world should be deprived of advances in healthcare due to a lack of personnel, facilities, infrastructure or local budgetary constraints.Thus, our inexpensive diagnostic products are engineered for point-of-care use, requiring no equipment or electricity.

Our mission is to bring tomorrow's non-invasive and minimally invasive technology to the masses today, at an affordable price. The market for ImmunoScience’s products is global. The potential is unlimited. The humanitarian implications boundless.