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ImmunoScience, Inc. is a biotechnology research and development company specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV.  Located in Dublin/Pleasanton, California, ImmunoScience combines innovation and ingenuity to bring the technologies of tomorrow to the people of today.

ImmunoScience's flagship products are a recombinant therapeutic vaccine for cancer with a potential to effect functional cure and Contre Vir™, a recombinant, live, attenuated therapeutic vaccine for the treatment and functional cure of AIDS and the HIV infection. Contre Vir™ has shown a very high level of success in pre-clinical studies and pilot clinical trials. Further studies are in final planning stages in several countries where interest is extremely high.

The therapeutic vaccine for cancer is in early stages of development but it will be much easier to bring to market because the proof of concept can be ascertained in animal studies quite readily. It will be a persistent stimulation vector inserted with one or more cancer markers and tumor inhibitory DNA coupled with retardation of processes that the cancers use to evade the immune system. We believe that it can be given even in late stages of cancer with a potential for functional cure.

ImmunoScience has several patents for Contre Vir™ across the globe and is expected to start Phase I clinical trials for Contre Vir™ in the very near future. The preliminary work for these trials is already underway in the United States, Belgium, South Africa and the United Kingdom.  ImmunoScience considers this invention to be a ground-breaking step forward in the fight against AIDS and HIV. ImmunoScience plans to apply for and obtain several patents on its cancer technology as soon as the animal studies are completed.

Another product by ImmunoScience is Salivax™, currently seeking regulatory approval in several countries. Salivax™ is a family of saliva-based, rapid-result diagnostic tests.  ImmunoScience considers saliva testing to be a tremendous achievement in the world of HIV testing due to the safety and non-invasive nature of the tests.  Since these tests can be used for the detection of HIV 1, HIV 2 as well as for the detection of syphilis, this technology platform has attracted the interest of distributors and non-profit organizations worldwide and ImmunoScience expects to begin sales to jurisdictions where regulatory approval has been obtained. 

ImmunoScience currently has agreements to distribute Salivax™ to several international territories where the tests have secured regulatory approval, and has been approved to do so in many others.  Due to the enormous success of the Salivax™ HIV and syphilis tests, ImmunoScience plans to release Salivax™ diagnostic tests for tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, H. pylori, drugs of abuse and cancer screening after research, development and regulatory approval are complete.

In a continuing effort to increase global accessibility, ImmunoScience has subsidiaries in India, the British West Indies, Netherlands and Singapore, with future subsidiaries in Brazil, Romania and the United Kingdom.  A newly constructed 6-acre ImmunoScience campus in India will soon boast a full vivarium, a BSL-3 facility and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which will allow for greater international reach. 

While working to bring these simple, affordable and life-saving technologies to the world, ImmunoScience is ever-looking to increase its global impact, adhering to the belief that no corner of the world should be deprived of advances in healthcare. 

With the speed at which research and technological advances are progressing, ImmunoScience is confident that the cure for AIDS and the HIV infection is just around the corner.