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How does Salivax™ work?

Salivax™ works by detecting antibodies to HIV and various other diseases present in saliva by means of a process that highlights these antibodies into visually distinguishable color.

If HIV cannot be transmitted via saliva, how can you detect it from saliva?

Transmission of HIV requires a live virus or virus containing cell. What Salivax™ does is detect antibodies to the virus not the virus itself.

Why is it so difficult to make a diagnosis from saliva?

Saliva is a very difficult medium. It varies from person to person and also in the same person depending upon the state of hydration. It is also contaminated with food particles, tobacco, and other "contaminants". Moreover, the concentration of antibodies in saliva is only about 1/800th that of blood. So the tests have to overcome a great deal of etchnological difficulties to be accurate.

How accurate is Salivax™?

Salivax™-HIV are as accurate as any rapid blood tests. The sensitivity and specificity are around 99.5%.

How do you make the test so accurate?

ImmunoScience uses proprietary antigens for detection by using a process that is held as a trade secret. In addition, the test uses adequate volumes of saliva to produce the desired accuracy.

Is Salivax™ patented?

The inner workings of Salivax™ are held as trades secret to prevent unauthorized duplication. Once a patent is applied for it is published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) thus making all the tricks of the trade public. It is then very easy for a lot of unscrupulous entities to copy. ImmunoScience has chose to hold the technology as a trade secret (similar to the formula for Coca Cola) to prevent such copying. Some parts of the test have patent applications pending.