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The Science of Salivax™ 

The Salivax™ test device is a flow-through, immunochromatographic assay, composed of a cassette that holds a membrane embedded with specific antigens. When a saliva sample flows through the device, antibodies in the sample bind to the membrane antigens, yielding a positive color reaction. The tests are adapted for each specific analyte by changing solid-phase binding reagents and formulations. Our tests provide sensitivity and specificity equal to those of the comparable blood tests. The reagents used in the Salivax™-HIV test are stable from 34°F (2°C) to 104°F(40°C). In addition, this test has a shelf life of up to 18 months.

Saliva is a very difficult medium with which to test for the following reasons:
  • Saliva is extremely viscous.
  • Saliva samples are contaminated by food, drink and other products.
  • Saliva has a variable chemistry.
  • Saliva has a low antibody titer (1/800th that of serum).

Salivax is able to overcome the problem of viscosity with the use of proprietary reagents that reduce the sample's viscosity and with our proprietary filter funnel that removes a significant number of the filamentous proteins that add to the viscosity.

Salivax's proprietary filter funnel removes the contaminants in three stages: 1) the reticulated sponge removes the coarse particles and filamentous proteins, 2) the laminar fibrous cellulose pre-filter removes small and medium-sized particles and 3) the proprietary hermetically-installed, laminated micro filter removes the finest of impurites. The saliva sample that goes through the filter funnel is devoid of contaminants yet still maintains all of the valuable antibodies for study.

Salivax utilizes reagents and specific buffering electrolytes in the filter funnel to stabilize and manage the pH ond the osmolarity of the saliva sample to an optimal range.

By utilizing proprietary recombinant antigens with an extremely high population of polyvalent epitopes highly specific to multiple clades (subtypes) of HIV, Salivax gets eight to ten times the amplification by binding virtually every available antibody molecule to the membrane. In addition, Salivax allows for a larger sample size of 2 ml (as opposed to 20 microliters for blood/serum tests) so that a hundred fold amplification is achieved.